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Re-Create the excitement of burning your chimeneain our miniature pinon wood burner. This Pinon wood burner burns real Pinon wood incenses. The aroma is just like pinon wood in your chimenea! Give it a try.
The pinon wood burner makes an excellent Christmas Gift!

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The Antique Clawfoot Bathtub Incense Burner

Our antique bathtub incense burner is our recreation of the classic tub of yesteryear. It comes in a white with gold colored trim and a solid gold colored version. The incense burning inside the tub gives the look of steam coming off a rich bubble bath. FREE BONUS
Each one is packed with a bag of 40 our fantastic Pinon incense.


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How To Light An Inscent

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These are some awesome wall suns. They come in many colors! $39.99 free deliverly
Milagro Del Sol - "Miracle of the Sun


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Chiminea Incent Burners and Southwest inscent flavors

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