How to Paint your Clay Chiminea

There's numerous different methods of painting clay chimineas but the method I like most I'll describe here. My thoughts are that this should be viewed as a fun project. If you have children or grand children include them in the project. It's something that fun to do together and when you are all done it will ring back memories as your sitting around the chiminea watching the fire burn. THis is not a project that's defined with specific rules or materials. Take this project to heart and enjoy doing it and if you don't like the results do it over or just get a can of paint of what ever color you like and paint it. So you have nothing to loose be experimenting and having a good time especially if you involve the kids.

Chiminea Paint

What you need is paint. Da! Any kind of paint will do. What i recommend is going out to your garage and looking for any paint that you haven't used in some time and your probably going to throw it out one day anyway. Your going to want bright colors. Trust me on this. And you can use different colors. As many as four or five different colors. Then your going to need a large sponge like a sponge they use for applying wall paper. Cotton rags will work as well but sponges apply the paint more consist ant. You'll need a can os spray lacquer. Most hardware stores carry this. Your also going to need some mud. That's right mud. Soupy mud. You can also buy some cement (without the sand and gravel). Mud varies in colors according to the color of dirt you use to make the mud. Read all the directions first then you'll decide of what your going to use for mud. that's pretty much all of the materials. Nothing fancy or special paint. Latex, oil, whatever's handy. Remember latex cleans up with water and oil based paint is going require mineral spirits for clean up. Recycle - reuse is my theory. If it's in your garage use it. Oh yeah- your going to need some sand paper or a wire brush. Sandpaper works better. Something like 120 or so grit.

Chiminea tricks!

Spread out some newspaper and put the chiminea on the paper. This will probably get a little messy. Take the sand paper and sand the chiminea so there's no loose paint or flaky clay. You want a good solid surface. Don't sand it like a fine piece of furniture. Just give it a quick spit shine. Remember this is fun- not work. Now open the can or cans of paint. If you are using more then one color paint tear the sponge into however many pieces of different paint your using. Dip the sponge pieces into the paint and pat the paint onto the chiminea. If your using one color (Boring) the full cover coat the chiminea. If your using different colors :-) then pat the colors in patches. You might want to take one base color and completely paint the chiminea with that color and let it dry. then pat the different colors on the chiminea. This is going to look not very attractive at this point. Let the kids play with the paint. Put hand prints on the chiminea. Write there names and it and date it. Remember - have a good time. This is a family keep sake and every time you look at this chiminea you will smile. Take a piece of card board and paint it the same way. This is a sample piece.

Chiminea MUD

Let's get the mud ready. We'll want this pretty watery. I like the mud to have a white color. You can do this by adding some cement to the mud or use some colored tile grout. Mix the mud so runny but still a little thick. What we are going to do here is apply the mud to the piece of card board with the sponge. Pat it on like you did the paint. Let it dry. What we are after is we want the mud to be relivent but we want to see the color thru the mud. So if the mud is too thick you won't see the colors but if the mud is too runny it won't calm down the bright paint. Let the sample completely dry. Then take the spray lacquer and spray it. This will bring it all together. The lacquer will melt thru the mud and give it texture. RUSTICO! This is why I said use bright paint. After you mud it and spray it with lacquer the paint tones down. Before lacquering you going to think that I'm crazy but the trick here is the mud consistency. If' it's too thick the lacquer won't melt thru and if it's to thin it won't give the rustico effect. So play around with the sample till you get the look that your after.

After the chiminea dries and you use it the lacquer will urn off and it's loose that shiny, lacquer look. This is what's it's suppose to do. Then after this happens seal the chiminea it a couple times a year and it should last many years.

This really works and with a little experimenting the finish product is awesome. And if you don't like it just get a paint brush and paint it the color you like.

But have fun and enjoy. Call me or email me if you have any questions817-613-0029

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