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We offer custom made canvas type covers to cover your fire pit to protect against the elements. We take your measurements based on the diagram to the right and your color choice based on color chart below and we make a cover to cover your fire pit. We use Sunbrella Marine Canvas material. This is the same material Sunbrella uses for awning material and you know the torture awnings get from mother nature.

To get started in the process you will need to take measurements of your fire pit. Using the picture above take your measurements and make notes. The picture above is a fire pit with a screen on it. Some fire pits don't have screens. If your fire pit doesn't have a screen in the measurement "A" defaults to 0, zero. The measurement "B" is the length of the drape. How far down the the exterior wall do you want the cover to fall. The next measurement "C" is how wide is the flat area on top of the pit. This measurement is only important if you have a screen on your fire pit. If you don't have a screen then this defaults to 0, zero. The "D" measurement is again relevant to whether you have a screen or not. This measurement is the diameter of the bottom of your screen. The "E" measurement applies to all pits and this is the outside diameter of your fire pit. We are going to make the cover to fit your measurements. We add a little to your measurement for a little wiggle room.

An example would be - let's say the outside diameter of your fire pit is 58". If we make it the cover exactly 58" it's going to be a real tight fit so your going to want to add a few inches so it fits loose and it's easy to put on and remove but on the other hand you don't want it to loose. So it's your decision as to how much slack you want. Another issue is rock and brick work is never perfect. When your measuring the outside diameter take measurements in several places and use the largest measurement. I would think that a 2" add on is a safe buffer and still look good. Let's say your fire pit is 58" in diameter. Let's add two inches making the cover 60" in diameter.

Choose your Color and Material

The Fabric we use is made by Sunbrella and you have choices. Look below and you will see a color sample sheet. This is a Sample of the web site. Go to SUNBRELLA.COM and pick the sample you like and write down the fabric number. Look under the awning section of material color choices. Your choices are available but at a premium.

Is the Material Water Proof?

Here's the deal on moisture in your fire pit. Most gas fire pits require that they get cover and protected from the elements such as rain and snow. Most clients think they need a water proof material. Well the material that is sold as "Water Proof" is water proof until a needle and a stitch has been made in the sewing process. So the best we are getting is water resistant or water repelled. But this isn't the big issue. The big issue is condensation. If you use a sealed fabric that's sold as water proof this material doesn't breathe well and this will cause condensation under the cover and it will literally rain under the cover. So we kind of defeated the purpose of the cover.

On the other hand if we use material that is water resistant such as Sunbrella Marine Canvas the material will shed most all the water but the fabric breathes and almost eliminating the condensation under the cover. With that said in my opinion I would prefer the breathable canvas material vs. a sealed fabric.

But the other issue is keeping leaves and trash out of your pit when your not using the fire pit as a fire pit. What happens is leaves and trash will accumulate in the pit and I don't care how well you clean the leaves out there will always be a few you missed. When you fire up the pit the orphaned leaves will ignite and and go air borne and possibly landing on a pile of unattended pile of leaves.

How To Order

The best method of ordering is to call us @ 817.946.6463 and we can take the order via the old fashion way- telephone. And if you have any question please call.


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