Fire Pit Safety Screen

This is a picture of a custom built fire pit and our safety screen with the Macho Firewood Grate. It looks as if this was designed as one package. In fact the customer had the fire pit and bought the screen and grate after. The screen and grate just gives it a finished look. Notice how the grate is a little taller then the fire pit ledge. It just gives us one more thing to look at making the hole picture interesting and a focal point with more interest. Your fire pit isn't just a ring on your deck made of rock. It's an awesome focal point in your backyard and your going to spend many hours around it making many memories.
Not only is the screen a safety issue but it looks awesome. It's like having fancy custom made cabinets in your kitchen with no door knobs. And you know your not going to put cheesy door knobs on your custom cabinets just like you wouldn't put cheesy hardware on your fire pit.

This is a good picture of the Macho Fire Pit Grate

This is the fire pit without the screen with just the firewood grate. This grate pictured here we call it the "Macho Grate". It's 36" in diameter and 24" tall. It's very heavy duty and it weights 150 pounds. We can also install stainless steel gas fire starters into the grate (optional). This fire starter is complete with everything. Just hook it up to your gas line and your set. And it's Stainless Steel. It won't rust. This Fire Pit has a screen that is 66" in diameter and the firewood grate is 36" in diameter.

Check out the patio around the fire pit. Someone did a great job. It just seems that the screen and grate gives this fire pit a finished look. Why go all the way and stop short on the finish work? Look at the fire pit with out the screen and then look at the fire pit with the screen and grate.


This is a fire pit that needed some custom work done. Notice the picture above and there is a recessed area above the fire brick. We rolled a piece of 4" angle iron into a circle to fill this void and made the screen to fit this ring. Looks great and something I like about this design is that the screen is sitting on the iron ring on not on the rock ledge.

And looking at the after picture below you can see how it finished out. Something else to ponder here is that this project was done entirely via emails. The client emailed the measurements and a picture. From this information we built what he needed and it fit perfectly. We are detailed oriented and we know what questions to ask to achieve the results your looking for. Look at the space between the ring and the rock. Perfect fit.



A word from the client-
"Arrived fine and we like it very much. Glad I measured twice, it fits perfectly. Thanks very much. The quality and workmanship are outstanding". Paul
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