This is a fairly simple task. Your going to need to cover the burner with just enough lava rock so you don't see any stainless steel. After you have covered the burner and pan your imagination is your next step. You can use crushed glass or fire glass , or these river rocks, or artificial logs are a good option as well.

I will say this if you are going to use the glass fire rocks do not install the glass for at least a week or two after the fire pit is completed and being used. You want to make sure everything is what you want and working correctly.

If you use one of our two piece pan systems your quite a bit better off if you ever after to disassemble the gas fire pit. If you do have to remove the glass and lava rock and your not using our pan system separate the glass from the lava rock as cleanly as possible. It's time consuming so make sure every is what you want before installing the glass.


If your using LP you might want to use a darker shade of glass as you may get some smoke residue on the glass.

This fire pit was one of first that we installed everything and this is why I say to wait on the glass. THis pit is 9' in diameter and it has $4000 of glass in it. THe electrician put a GFI breaker inside the pit and it got past us because the weather proof box we couldn't actually see the whole plug. And besides who put a GFI inside a gas fire pit? Well the gfi breaker tripped and we had to take it apart just to remove GFI breaker. What made the job tolerable was out two piece pan. We only had to separate the a little glass and rock and pulled out the middle pan. Imagine the labor bill on removing 600 pounds of glass and separating the lava rock. Over a tripped GFI breaker.


My Name is Jim Jarvis and I am the manager of Dancing Fire inc. and I am also the designer, engineer of the gas fire pits we build. Gas fire pits and gas fire features have become somewhat our specialty. My cell phone is 817.946.6463. We are very service oriented and I can be reached most anytime so if you have any questions please call or email me, I am here for you.


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